Welcome to Aegis Wing Tsun Martial Arts



Aegis Wing Tsun Martial Arts is a martial arts school open in Wandsworth, dedicated to teaching effective and efficient self-defence.


Wing Tsun is a martial art style which allows the practitioner to be able to defend themselves from any opponent (whether they are small or large, male or female, old or young). Using biomechanics to deflect the opponents attack and using techniques to redirect the force back onto the opponent. This Martial Art is technical and great for the development of speed and hand eye coordination. We follow the Chinese etiquette within the classes to help balance the individuals well being. 

We have a family friendly environment where students can learn at their own speed and meet like-minded locals to the Wimbledon area. We teach the beautiful history and philosophies of this 300 year old martial art whilst providing a great and safe way to improve fitness.

Our first lesson is completely free, so you can find out