Phoenix Eye Martial Arts Association has a structured syllabus to guide your development throughout all the knowledge. The knowledge is divided into the 5 elements represented in the logo: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal.


There are 10 student grades.

The first grade will help develop the students basic reactions to situations such as relaxing rather than resisting when being grabbed. Also covers the basics of the strikes, grip breaks, kicks and how to move in the Wing Tsun Stance. Students will also learn the theory that will aid in understanding this ancient martial art


From grades 2-4, which is represented by the Fire Element, where the students are learning the Siu Nim Tao Form

Followed by  Grade 5-10 represented by the Water Element, where the students are learning the Chum Kiu Form.


After the 10 student grade, the student would have completed all their student grades and begin their journey into the Technician grades. Starting with the Mountain element.